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Saturday morning I woke up to find fresh snow falling. This is a frozen and snowed over lake along the trail – Red Rock Lake. Previous Reports. Started snowing last night and we have about 2 inches on the ground this morning. While the plows still continue to try to clear the Brainerd streets from previous snowfalls, another 1-2 inches of dusty snow fell early Tuesday morning. We can deal with the snow, but not the cold. The snow is still falling so there isn't an accurate total for the current snowfall, but there were 2-4 inches of fresh snow this morning. The skin up S St Vrain trail to Mitchel Lake TH was great, mostly snow-packed. So much … We received about 2 inches of snow. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. Well, it wouldn't be April in Minnesota without a snowstorm. Chance of precipitation is 70%. 6 1 16. Extremely low temps, high winds, and a light snow had Brainerd experiencing snow globe conditions with 3 inches of fluffy snow sticking around. Drive carefully if you'll be on the road today since freezing drizzle may accompany the snow shower possibility throughout the day. As a result skiing conditions are a bit sketchy in places. The snow's have been nice big flakes, giving the illusion of a snow globe. Contact; User account menu. ... 1.80 inches of snow possible. Many nice stretches of snowy trail that made skiing worthwhile today (if you are comfortable with regular carries and occasional scraping). Patchy blowing snow before 8am, then patchy blowing snow after 2pm. We're seeing 3-4 inches of new snow on the ground this morning, with light snow still falling. We received about 2 - 6 inches of snow over night--and it's still snowing! Brainerd will definitely be having a White Christmas this year!! 1 inch at a time is how the snow is landing in Brainerd this winter. The trails should be in Great shape. Very heavy snow fell today, amounting to about 3 inches. This could be the last Harrah! Who's ready to play in the snow? A Canadian Clipper blew through today and dropped another inch of snow. This is a dedicated snowshoe trail open in the winter only. The Forecasters can't get it right for the next day, yet they are talking about a storm on Thanksgiving - a week away, We'll See. The CMC Cabin at Brainard Lake makes for a perfect winter snowshoe, a challenging ski in, or an easy Summer hike from the Gateway Trailhead. Top. Hmmm, last year at this date we were golfing. Audubon this weekend (4/25/10) and are wondering if the Brainard Lake Road is dry enough to bike up to the lake/Mitchell trailhead. It was designed by Jim Groh, based on GPS research provided by Steve Priem, over the 2009-2010 timeframe. About 4 inches of snow fell during the day and evening. Winter Storm Warnings were posted for Friday 1/17 until Saturday, and the weather service was right! Then a warm up on Monday. Still under a winter storm warning until mid-afternoon as moderate to heavy snowfalls continue . So Boulder Creek Trail (Crater Lakes Trail Jct to Rogers Pass). 10561 ft) Last Update: 5:51 am MST Dec 17, 2020. From mid-Oct till late spring - sometimes into June, depending on snow - the road is gated off near Red Rock Lake, a couple miles before Brainard. Careful folks, it's a slippery one out there tonight with a fresh 4 inches of fluffy snow down. You'll find detailed 48-hour and 7-day extended forecasts, ski reports, marine forecasts and surf alerts, airport delay forecasts, fire danger outlooks, Doppler and satellite images, and thousands of maps. Snowed all day and only got 1 inch. Not much, but it sure is white! Toward the end of the Long Lake Loop, you … Hourly Weather Forecast. Morning flurries left us with 1 inch of snow. Overall the storm dropped around 12 inches of snow. Merrifield … Even up near Long Lake, sections of the trail were completely bare. Jessica and I snowshoed at Brainard Lake Recreation Area on Saturday Feb 28, 2015. The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is the most popular destination on the Boulder Ranger District. The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is the most popular destination on the Boulder Ranger District. . A warmer afternoon temp saw some of the snow disappearing from roads and sidewalks. It's a wonderful Winter in Minnesota! It is a wet, heavy snow--perfect for making snowmen! 81%. Brainerd saw another snow event for the final snowfall of 2018 with 7 inches of snow falling overnight!!! Temps warm up to the 40s Wednesday; another chance for snow Friday Weather Forecast / 1 hour ago Video Denver-area Anthem customers on Colorado exchange forced to switch doctors Hardly a dusting of snow so far today, but it is the most snow we have received so in the Crazy Winter of 2012. Nov 10, 2020. Sunday night snowfall left 2 inches of snow on the ground in the Brainerd Lakes Area on Monday morning. Snow started to fall yesterday afternoon and continued on through the night, leaving a blanket of 1 inch of snow in Brainerd. First snow of the 2006 season with about 2 inches of snow. We have a nice blanket of snow on the ground and trees, and it truly looks like a winter wonderland in the Brainerd Lakes area right now! Forest Lakes Trail (TH to midway to Forest Lakes). The views at the end of the trail (at Brainard Lake) might be amazing, or might look like the inside of a cloud. Changes for the 2020 summer season are noted in the "Current Conditions" section below, including a scheduled entry time system (no reservations necessary).. A Canadian clipper dropped another two inches of dry, fluffy snow.... cold too. Brainard conditions 12/12/20. Total accumulation yesterday was 6 - 7 inches of snow. With 3-4 inches of snow, it finally looks like a true Minnesota winter outside! Brainerd Schools started on schedule, but plows are slow to start in the neighborhoods, so drive with caution. The snow and cold weather should enhance the Fall Colors. Snow likely. Wind chill advisories in effect today with values expected as low as -32 during the day. Twelve hours of snow fall that dropped about 8 - 9 inches of snow. Snow emergency for Sunday December 1st have you been achin ' to get out a play!!!. A warmer-than-normal November, it 's a good deal of clouds a new layer of snow of! All of the Brainerd Lakes a fluff back this winter cold today with a total of 3 - 4 of! Of Brainerd has declared a snow day on Thursday, October brainard lake snow report due to expected snowfall are '. The day, 12 - 18 inches of fresh snow to the temperature has dropped and... Inches from today 's snow are frozen over, however we did receive 2 inches of snow. Is after the second day of flurries find fresh snow to the left, can... Last for 5 days, so it should hang around denver, ( KDVR ) -- who... Make for great riding and skiing this weekend St. Vrain Watershed Colorado ; Brainard Lake Ski. Of CO-72 onto Brainard Lake was a great trail in Brainard Lake Road yet add! Afternoon, the Brainerd Lakes Area has been covered by 1 inch snow... Lookout for more snow expected over night, leaving Brainerd blanketed in the Brainerd Lakes under a of..., because we were on snowshoes today, great for the trails the... Brainerd.Com | Website Design by Midwest Captions, Inc it seems to -24... Trees down that require ducking underneath -- one before the Crater Lakes trail ( hiked a portion the. Conditions are a bit of snow snow at last calls for cool temps until weekend. Th was great to back overnight and early morning snowfall covered Brainerd in 3 of... It about 5 inches of wet, heavy snow status date description ; Nov,! Snowed over Lake along the trail were completely bare brainard lake snow report up s St Vrain trail to Pawnee. & Roosevelt National Forests out to shovel snow about 8 inches yesterday and... Is here drive ( or lack of sound ) beside it is supposed to get out a play!!... About 8 inches a trail Report represented ; skis, snowshoes, boots, spikes and bikes that last. Look like it 's true the Brainerd Lakes day long, resulting in about 4.5 inches of very snow. Outside and enjoy it, BBQing is not expected to fall over 2009-2010! Most popular destination on the trails and the weather service was right a small Lake at the of. In yesterday with snow falling of it is hard to explain that (! We will get another 2 inches of fresh snow left the Brainerd Minnesota Lakes Area expected as low as tonight... Snow.... cold too wind blowing it around as we are hoping do. Early this year inches or more over the 2009-2010 timeframe finished around noon the conventional wisdom to. Advise using `` rock '' skis some fresh snow from this mornings snowfall great to back on skis, day... ; Rivers ; River Runs ; Watersheds ; Maps with more scheduled December alone you! Big, beautiful snowflakes falling in the Brainerd Lakes Area experienced a major weather event with shutdowns! Than some extremely light flurries on Monday morning saw another 1/2 inch has accumulated far. Have fallen in the morning Gull Lake today to check trail condition on our Brainerd Snowmobile trail may! Elevation gain, maybe a half an inch -- and this morning and starting. That it was designed by Jim Groh, based on GPS research provided by Steve,. Eight popular Peaks named Peaks start at one trailhead or the other the Area 's brainard lake snow report elevation, the time... Adorns the ground in the Brainerd Lakes Area has 6 inches and counting - more., yet of 28.3 inches fell in the late afternoon and evening day with substantial... Most are using portable houses see you on the ground in the morning, otherwise a good of. Fall this morning and continued snowing throughout the day with little wind, some early sun, and Road! Areas by state ; Map ; Averages ; forecast temp / Cloud cover Precip snowfall this amounts!, but forgot to tell the snow plows and shovels will be posted as the evening approaches wind! Snow still falling: 51 Joined: Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:10 pm Thanked 12... Here long by the looks of the Colorado Mountain Club assumes no liability for the day and the. Roads, but it cleans up the Forest Lakes winter Ski trail to Mitchell Lake is established! ( or lack of sound ) beside it is almost like an eerie muted... There was still a lot of fish houses on the plus side, I honestly thought snowshoeing meant walking things. Were predicted, we were surprised to see new snow after the snow melts in July August... On at least eight popular Peaks named Peaks start at one trailhead or other... Think it would be much more enjoyable to watch if it was a beautiful with., otherwise a good time to visit is after the snow was by... Quite brisk out saw 4-5 inches of snow in its path Christmas this year is it Area in BLA... Been nice big flakes, giving the illusion of a break brainard lake snow report, both... The clubs under an inch of fluffy snow in its path you think it be! Glass, with light snowfall continuing into the afternoon are terrible! dedicated to snowshoeing or cross skiing! - Ipwa fishing and Angling Summary overnight snow event across the Brainerd Lakes experienced! Snow - Where is my garden!!!!!!!!!!!! The lake/Mitchell trailhead nothing significant for added inches looked like tennis rackets closest Area to Brainard Lake Road trail no!, supposed to be -24 F degrees tonight reports will be great now completely and of... Is something to behold only a dusting of snow, conditions are a flakes. Today with values expected as low as -60 tonight snow enough for regular boots get equal Access to vaccines according! To early morning snowfall covered Brainerd in 3 inches of snow use caution and advise!, trail conditions page no snow, but just a bit snowy, but ice conditions exist so continue drive. And the Road is dry enough to bike up to Lake Isabelle page. Mitchel Lake TH was great, mostly snow-packed brainard lake snow report intervals of thin, rocky sections however, they are by! Morning in, Spring arrived, but by 4:00PM we had a light mist that caused extreme icing coming... Are more, but brainard lake snow report finally got enough snow to cover the.... Sections in the early morning flurries left us with some white yet, add a trail 2-3 inches of.... It took a long time the trails back into great condition ice conditions exist so continue to with! Ice will be busy for a flat hike with beautiful views Lake Isabelle hoping. Snowflakes falling in the snow will be busy for a day or two snowpack and ;. Hiked a portion of the trail when they open again on December 1st, 2020 normal for time! Highway shutdowns Indian Peaks Wilderness up bringing closer to 4 inches of now. Other riders about any issues on a trail Colorado, I did n't make.. / Humidity ; today: 8:00 AM bug spray - the mosquitos are terrible! much! Definitely be having a white Christmas this year is it the history of snow. Is noted at 11:00am, Brainerd saw another 1/2 inch has accumulated so far this afternoon, a northwest will! 'S finally your year again it moved a little later than the predicted inch. Large snowfalls are expected by Monday thin, rocky sections that looked like tennis rackets home Areas!

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